70 Below Treats Freeze Dried Starburst

70 Below Treats Freeze Dried Starburst

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Dried Starburst 50g

Forget the messy fingers and sticky wrappers – 70 Below Treats Freeze Dried Starburst is here to blast you off to a whole new dimension of candy! Remember the juicy, bursting flavours of your favourite Starbursts? Now, imagine them transformed into weightless, light-as-air treats that explode with a satisfying crunch in every bite. It’s like your taste buds just discovered a hidden galaxy of flavour. These aren’t your average Starbursts. Freeze-drying unlocks a universe of possibilities. They’re the perfect, portable fuel for your interstellar snacking adventures, adding a surprisingly delightful twist to desserts, or sharing the cosmic experience with friends.

Watch their faces light up with wonder as they experience the electrifying crunch and explosive flavour of freeze-dried candy. Stock your shelves with these out-of-this-world treats! Available in bulk at Pacific Candy, 70 Below Treats Freeze Dried Starburst is guaranteed to tantalize taste buds and leave customers begging for more. Ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary – it’s time to boldly go where no candy has gone before!